Thursday, 21 October 2010

Night of music during 'I have this strange kind of feeling' at Utrophia

Folie à Deux will be bringing to you a spectacular evening of music, with some of the most up-and-coming and talented young folk musicians around. The performance will take place on 20 November from 19.00 - 23.00 at Utrophia Project Space. This gig will run alongside and be complementary to our exhibition 'I have this stange kind of feeling and I just can't place it... ' and is central to Folie à Deux's vision to create opportunities for exciting young artists to showcase their work. Of course there will be the obligatory beer, mulled wine and other seasonal goodies. Here's a little sneak preview of the music line-up for you to enjoy!

Dear Winesburg
Dear Winesburg
A London-based folk four-piece, pair the deft finger-style playing of singer-songwriter Chris Kreinczes with the violin of Emma Kraemer (Peggy Sue, Mariners Children) backed in rabble-rousing-style on double bass, accordion and drums, as well as mandolin, clarinet and harmonica. They evoke contemporaries Noah and The Whale and Mumford & Sons but with a lyrical intensity that harks back to the protest singers of the 60s and the roots of the folk tradition, as well as song writing that echoes the Greenwich Village-era Dylan and the Lake Poets. Kreinczes' voice is mature and timeless, and with instrumental arrangements that build, surge and simmer, 'every fluttering violin note to every guitar delicately plucked shows off musicianship that is heavily accomplished' For Folks Sake. Their acclaimed debut record 'Dark Water' produced by Mike Pela (Stephen Stills, Fairport Convention) was released earlier this year.

Amber States
This North London folk four-piece are highly involved in the music enterprise You Choose Jamboree and have performed alongside the likes of Portico Quartet and Moulettes. Whilst relatively new to the folk scene they have performed in venues such as Ronnie Scott's and Proud Galleries over the last year, and their debut single 'Son of a Gun' featured on BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson. With lead singer Gavin Bell's smokey voice, and banjo, cello, guitars and drums they create a harmoniously addictive sound with 'catchy hooks, dreamy melodies, exhilerating builds and toe tapping rhythms' (Amelia's Magazine). Listen to 'Morning Sun' and 'Fall from Grace' by watching their beautiful videos shot in Abney Cemetery, where their sound changes from a delicate guitar strumming into an emotional layering of instruments, making your heart swell. This talented, goodlooking and charming bunch have a bright future ahead.

Benedict Rubinstein, front man of The Mariner's Children
Mariner's Children 
Benedict Rubinstein is the front man of the Brighton seven piece Alt-Folk band The Mariner's Children (Broken Sound Records) who are made up of friends' band members Laura Marling, Peggy Sue, Sons of Noel & Adrian and Alessi's Ark. Their sound sees an alliance with the immense instrumentation of Arcade Fire yet whose subtleties have been compared to the likes of Iron & Wine and Bonnie Prince Bill. On this rare and special occasion, Benedict will be performing solo (possibly with one other band member), presenting a stripped down version of their songs. Lyrically, he artfully constructs heart-breaking, often hair-raising confessional tales that are visually rich and evocative, and intimately bound up with the surging wildness of nature (in human kind and the natural world). Benedict's voice is soft, distinctive and unique, just listen to 'Waltz for a Sleeping Lover' - his lightest, most delicate and sparse solo song - as well as the bands new song 'Golden Pine' to really understand. In the last month The Mariner's Children have received rave reviews from The Guardian, NME, The Independent and Blue Walrus, if you haven't heard of them already here's your chance. The EP New Moore Island is out 1 November.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Photos of the artists work

Sorry we haven't blogged for a while we have been super busy trying to put the show together and handing out flyers at the Deptford X festival. We thought that you might want to see a bit more of the artists work and get a better idea of how the show will look, so we have uploaded some photos for your viewing pleasure.
Keith Roberts, The Clearing, 2006

Judith Lyons, from 'A Different Nature', 2009

Nina Mankin, Magdalena and Her  Circus of  Horrors, 2009

Nina Royle, Amber Room, 2009

Nina Mankin, Emanuel's Opiate, 2009

Giulia Ricci, Untitled, 2010

Giulia Ricci, Untitled, 2010

Nina Mankin, Vitacup, Take Four Times Daily for Mental Wellbeing, 2010

Keith Roberts, Original Crossing, 2008

Judith Lyons, From 'A Different Nature', 2009