Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Alt-Folk Music + Mini Art Exhibit - 18 June 2011

Laura Hocking, cartoon

In Folie a Deux style - art + music together - this Saturday 18 June we are combining our final alt-folk night in Utrophia's barn - This is the Kit + Rozi Plain - with an art exhibition showcasing the work of musicians who have played - past and present - at this magical and unique venue. Laura Hocking, Kate Stables (This is the Kit), Rozi Plain, Tom Heather (Tristram) and Chris Kreinczes (Dear Winesburg) and many more. See below for more details! It's going to be wonderful!

Kate Staples,The Back of Things That Grow
woolen cloth and embroidery thread

Chris Kreinczes, Woody Allen, drawing

Tom Heather, Door, photograph

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