Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Folie à Deux presents This is the Kit, Rozi Plain + Mouth 4 Rusty - FINAL NIGHT at Utrophia

We are proud to announce that This is the Kit, Rozi Plain and Mouth 4 Rusty will be performing at the FINAL Alt-Folk night in the barn venue at Utrophia Project Space - The Ice-Cream Factory - the 1950s ice-cream factory turned art gallery, vegetable patch and events space in New Cross - on Saturday 18 June 2011 19.00 - 23.00 Held in a cosy, rustic and intimate barn space, this is the last chance to experience and enjoy music at this uniquely personal, magical and inspiring venue. We are going all out this time - laced with confectionary and adorned with tea lights, there will be also be art work on show in the barn available to buy (some work by the musicians themselves) as well as an art exhibition - a Norwegian group art show 'Show Me Your Chakra' for audiences to view next door.

Born in 2002, Utrophia is an arts charity bringing art exhibitions, affordable artist studios, urban gardening projects and music nights to the general public and local community (Eg. Deptford Pound, Deptford DIY and Deptford High St Treasure Trail) Whilst they are now leaving the ice-cream factory premises, they will hopefully be moving to a new venue to carry on their magic. For more details on Utrophia and how to assist them with their transition visit their website

This is the Kit

'Absolutely gorgeous, like an aural bath with the warm water lapping over you' - Cerys Matthews, BBC 6music

'Just one of the best things I've heard all year... wonderful, wonderful stuff.' - Gideon Coe, BBC 6music

'This is the Kit is comfort food for the soul' - Subba-Cultcha

This is the Kit is the musical project of Kate Stables (from Winchester) based in Paris, who sings and plays banjo and guitar, sometimes solo and other times accompanied by a band or Jesse D Vernon on violin and percussion. This is the Kit have released two albums and a handful of singles, their latest album 'Wriggle Out the Restless' features members of Francois and the Atlas Mountains and The Liftmen. Kate's mesmerising sound has been described as 'soulful', 'psychedlic' and 'minimal' folk (Amelia's Magazine), her voice 'as reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, but more woodsey than flutey, like a clarinet', her lyrucs as 'hypnotic around repeated phases and images, interspersed by brooding ooohing', her aura as 'conjuring a leaf wrapped world full of moon and sea' (For Folk's Sake). In 2011 the band is releasing the single 'Earthquake' along with some remizes by Buddy Peace, Plaisir de France and Fear of Theydon, as well as releasing a special edition of the 'Wriggle' album, packaged with an extra disc of remixes by such artists as John Parish, Rachael Dadd, Shorebilly and Bfax. Touring extensively in Europe and Japan, this year they are heading to the USA.

New Single 'Earthquake' can be heard here:

Rozi Plain

'Put this to your ear: you can hear the sea. The creels and gulls and taverns and harbours and coasts and aloneness that define the maritime: it's all here, quietly, made musical' - Plan B

'beautifully intimate music that captures life slowly floating by' - Communion

Rozi Plain is a singer and songwriter based in Brstiol. She plays either solo with her guitar or joined by musicians such as Francois and the Atlas Mountains, This is the Kit or Sleeping States. Rozi toured across Europe, the UK and USA supporting the likes of Devandra Banhard (who named her album - 'Inside Over Here' - as one of the best albums of the year), James Yorkston and Viking Moses. Rozi's songs are described as possessing an enchanting fragility yet also a plucky charisma, with a song craft that is 'wonderfully human'. Her sound is frequently described as understated: 'Less is more. Every note on the record is there because it should be there, everything is allowed to breathe and be natural' (Plenty Side), in other words 'unhurried, understated and ace' (Plan B). Rozi's bew single 'Humans' is now on sale on Need No Water Records and her second album is soon to follow.

Mouth 4 Rusty

'Elegantly crafted hummable songs that you won't want to miss out on' - Rough Trade

'That has got to be the most beautiful song I have ever heard about qutting smoking' - Patrick Lyons, Resonance 104.4FM

'Mouth 4 Rusty had the audience clicking and clapping along to stripped back simple songs of love forlorn' - Amelia's Magazine

Mouth 4 Rusty began writing and recording simple songs in a small hand-made wooden room in late winter 2009, writing them in about an hour and recording them in around three, so as to preserve the moment they were written. Joined by a second pair of lungs, they began playing live in August, first as a duo, then a trio, with percussion played with their feet. Since self-releasing their first EP, 'Time Over Money' in March 2010 as a quartet, the group has spent their time since finding their favourite venues in London and Oslo, and gradually blossoming into a six-piece of violin, cello, double bass, percussion, guitar, melodica and two voices. Mouth 4 Rusty's intention is to make simple, traditionally-inspired songs that people can relate to, hummable music based on life as it unfolds, as early folk music was. Audience participation is encouraged. They find their happiest times together in a small dark intimate settings - practicing, recording and playing live.


In other news! Our next art exhibition - Surface Tension - is coming along very nicely more info coming very soon....

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