Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Meeting the Artists: Giulia Ricci

Giulia Ricci is that rarest of artists: one who writes and speaks about her art as well as she makes it. She is also distinguished by the fact that her imagery is  intimately and genuinely bound up with, and born of, her experiences, her life, her cultural reference points.The rural patchwork of fields in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna where she grew up, the famous mosaics of her home town of Ravenna, all these things have seeped into her, and subsequently into her work.

Giulia is currently artist in residence at a north London gallery, which is where we first met her (her installation is scheduled for display in October, (and more information about this project will be available nearer the time). We immediately fell in love with her work; with its shifting, kaleidoscopic patterns and its ostensible geometric austerity which, on closer inspection, reveals itself full of human and organic qualities with its densely-worked cross-hatching. Like one of those amazing hand-carved woodcuts of cold, rational, industrial machinery by Edward Wadsworth.

Giulia epitomises the kind of artist we had in mind when we started Folie à Deux: one who is ‘one with their work' and who creates objects of real beauty.

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