Monday, 29 November 2010

Folie à Deux: The End of the Beginning

Yesterday evening the doors closed on Folie à Deux’s first ever exhibition. Three weeks, three sales and 186 visitors later, it was everything we dreamed it would be – and more. Although we felt a tinge of sadness taking the works down, the overriding emotion was one of satisfaction in a job well done – and a huge sense of excitement about our future dreams and projects…

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making the exhibition possible: all of the artists and performers, everyone at Utrophia, everybody who came along to see the show, Zannah and Madeleine for their sterling service invigilating in near-Arctic conditions, Jane for social media guidance… we simply couldn’t have done it without your support and enthusiasm.

For now, we are taking a short breather, but we will be back soon with news of an exciting project that we hope you will all want to get involved with – so keep an eye on this blog, befriend us on Facebook if you haven’t already done so, and sign up to follow us on Twitter (FaDgallery).

See you soon for more adventures.

Chris  – Clara

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