Sunday, 27 February 2011

Thank you Tristram, Laish, Kristin McClement & Utrophia!!!

"Folie a Deux is shaping up to becoming a alt:folk barometer of bands that you need to know about in 2011" - Amelia's Magazine

Saturday night was our second Alt-Folk night at Utrophia's barn and beginning with an awesome sunset it became yet another special, unique and unforgettable evening!! Tristram, Laish and Kristin McClement sounded the best I think I've ever heard them. The intimate and cosy barn space was genuinely the perfect place to experience their sound!
Kristin's voice was beautifully haunting, hushing the audience into a spell bound trance. Laish were outstanding playing songs from their latest album to perfection, as well as brand new songs showing off Daniel Green's warbling vocals and the girls harmonies to the fullest. And last but not least Tristram... wow... they have developed a new sound that has taken on an epic intensity combining imaginative, sensitive lyrics, Tristram's whispy voice and an incredible layering of guitar, cello, drums and base with songs ending in intense abstract sound loops that take you off to a place not dissimilar to the way you feel when listening to Pink Floyd trippiness. Perhaps not the best comparison, but their new style certainly can not be restricted to the definition of 'folk' anymore, it is without doubt of another exciting making. A particular mention I think also has to made is to Tom Heathers (the drummer for every single act last night!) who is possibly the best and most exciting drummer to watch around!!

With a genuinely eager, friendly and enthusiastic audience, the mulled wine, beer and ginger-beer and rum flowed all night, with the art gallery next door open for all to see Philippa Johnsons beautiful art installation in Utrophia's gallery. The aural and aesthetic joy of the night, the happy buzz and community spirit was exhilerating and pure bliss - and this is exactly what we are all about.

Our next Alt-Folk night will be the 30 April - the line up tbc. In order to keep informed about our next event and news you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter as well as keep an eye on this blog. In addition we are always looking for new artists and poets to promote in advance of our next art exhibition so please send us examples of your work, a blurb about your practice, website and contact details to

And finally, I would also like to make a few special thank yous to certain individuals who made this night particularly special: Matt Rigsby Smith from Utrophia (who not only turned the barn space into how it looks today but who was the best sound man ever), Chris Lucraft from Broken Sounds and Anna Brennan-Craddock and Salome Gamble. Thank you also to the following beautiful music blogs for all their support to this project: Amelia's Magazine, VOLUME, For Folk's Sake, The 401 and Run Riot! And of course, thank you for everyone who came, couldn't do it without you! What a wonderful audience!! THANK YOU!!

Speak soon!!

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