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We are proud to present a collaboration between the Magpie's Nest (BBC Folk Club of the year 2010) and Folie à Deux. Together we bring to you folk music in the unique pop-up garden space - The Urban Physic Garden - located underneath a railway bridge in Waterloo on Wednesday 10 August 2011 8 - 11pm. Set up by the wonderful collective Wayward Plants – a group of designers, urban growers and would-be alchemists – they have transformed a neglected patch of land into a community garden, made entirely out of recycled materials and through the hard work of 100 volunteers. Playing at this special venue are folk acts Sam Lee, Dear Winesburg and Robin Grey, who will be performing here amongst exotic medicinal plants and seeds, art installations and games. There will also be sustainably sourced and seasonal food on offer by the Rambling Restaurant, served from the back of a converted ambulance.

The Magpie’s Nest and Folie à Deux share a common goal to showcase alternative and redefining folk music within magical, welcoming and intimate settings, so as to create an all encompassing and unique experience to match the music that we love. We hope you fall in love with, and enjoy, the garden and music as much as we do.h


“The rising star of traditional English folksong” - The Daily Telegraph

“Ground of It’s Own’ is wonderful. The singing is sublime and exquisite! It’s gentle and despairing, trancelike and tender. Strokes of genius there I think!” -
Shirley Collins

Sam Lee, folk singer, promoter and animateur is fast becoming accepted as one of the new pioneers defining the sound, sight and texture of contemporary folksong. This is most notable in his forthcoming debut album ‘Ground of It’s Own’ released later in 2011. Likewise his live band – The Gillies boys - carves homemade and mongrelised instrumentation with unconventional arrangements that challenge any preconceptions of what ‘tradition’ should sound like. Sam’s sound whilst embedded in British traditional music treads a thoroughly modern course and musical vision creating a radical yet melodic new passage for folk song for the contemporary audience.

“Every fluttering violin note to every guitar string delicately plucked shows off musicianship that is heavily accomplished” - For Folks Sake

Dear Winesburg write atmospheric, joyous, dark, lyrical folk songs - picked early on by Mumford & Sons to headline their Communion night - the band's songs shimmer with beauty and intent, bound by a strength of writing that hearkens back to Greenwich Village Dylan and the roots of the folk tradition. Pairing songwriter Christopher Kreinczes with the violin of Emma Kraemer (Peggy Sue, Mariner's Children) backed on accordion, upright bass, trumpet and drums - live they are dramatic, brooding and jubilant, drawing comparisons to Johnny Flynn and Beirut, but with a voice unmistakably their own. Last year the band released their debut album ‘Dark Water’ produced by Mike Pela (Stephen Stills, Fairport Convention) and this August they release their new EP Light & Deft. You can see the beautiful EP teaser trailer, shot at the Utrophia Project Space at:

"bluesy and folky, really bloody good." - Song by Toad

"Robin Grey has a lovely fresh approach to the folk genre. A honeyed yet clear voice and his lyrics are arresting. A real treasure." - The Londonist

Inspired by the timeless work of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Ani Difranco amongst any others, he colours his songs above love and life with guitar, banjo, ukele, mandolin, piano, double bass, organ, percussion toys and any other instruments he can afford and fit into his little studio. His music hs been described as 'gently experimental nu-folk' and compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Richard Thompson. He is a bit distressed by the misspelling of the word 'new' but doesn't let it distract him from the serious business of recording, performing and acquiring new and unusual instruments.

Tickets are £6.00 and be purchased here.

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