Sunday, 16 October 2011

Introducing Naomi Doran - Included in 'Surface Tension' Our Upcoming Group Exhibition

Naomi Doran, Blades, 2010 ggggggggNaomi Doran, Copper Series Form 1, 2010

Naomi Doran is a North London based artist who challenges the limitations of the two-dimensional either by puncturing the surfaces of her works to reveal a seemingly infinite void beyond, or by incorporating sculptural elements that project outwards into space. Like Giulia Ricci's work (also in the shop) her pieces aim to establish a certain sense of equilibrium or harmony between the man-made and the natural, the artifical and the organic. In her reliefs, concrete, iron and streel are not employed to create a gleaming vision of the future; rather, they highlight the processes of decay and erosionm rusting and cracking. Her exploration of these materials make us consider their place in the landscape anew; in doing so, our industrial heritage is revealed not as a blight on the landscape, but rather an intrinsic part of it - and one that now contains its own elegiac, poetic beauty.

To view more of Naomi Doran's work click here and for more information about our upcoming group show 'Surface Tension' at the Tokarska Gallery featuring Naomi Doran, Tom Hackney, Onya McCausland and Giulia Ricci click here

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