Sunday, 6 November 2011

Introducing Giulia Ricci - Included in 'Surface Tension' Our Upcoming Group Exhibition


Giulia Ricci, Untitled, 2010 kkGiulia Ricci, Untitled, 2010

Giulia Ricci - shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2010 and 2011), selected for Creekside Open 2011 by Dexter Dalwood as well as the Royal Academy Summer Show 2011 - is fascinated by patterns and their systems which she explores through various repetitive processes, primarily drawing on paper. She is interested in various aspects of science and mathematics such as chaos theory, but her work is also intimately bound up with, and born of, her experiences, background and cultural reference points. These include not only the famous mosaics of her home town Ravenna, but also the rural patchwork of the fields in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna in Italy where she grew up - what she calls the 'man-made geometry of the landscape'. Her work employs subtly shifting geometric patterns that evoke ideas of organic growth and change, and the relationship between these processes and the eminently human need for control. Whilst perfectly flat, her detailed, immacutely rendered grids often simultaneously suggest the idea of extrusions, swellings and bulges, conveying the illusions of three-dimensions.

To view more of Giulia Ricci's work click here and for more information about our upcoming show 'Surface Tension' at the Tokarska Gallery featuring Naomi Doran, Tom Hackney, Onya McCausland and Giulia Ricci click here.

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